With a new house comes a lot of expectations. Lot of little things that we want to do, to make the house look beautiful and also have our distinct signature. Last few years while we were house hunting, I have spent many hours surfing Pinterest. looking at wall colors, couches, curtains .. Trying to put things together in my head. Now it is time to make all that a reality. I start painting the rooms today, and I am all excited and nervous. I have been planning on the colors for the longest time, but believe it or not .. I do not think I am prepared. Sounds funny right ? But when you see all the great options that are out there .. you just want to get that one perfect color meant for your home !!! Let me see if I can get it right !!

Coming Back

I am a bad blogger ! Plus life takes over sometimes, with two boys, a full time job and home .. I usually need my days to be 36 hrs long (don’t we all). But then there are some moments that you want to preserve real bad, that you go find your lost password to your blog and start typing again. Last 2 years were busy busy .. The boys started kindergarten .. which was a huge milestone for all of us. There was a LOT of new things that we needed to get used to. Time flies and now they are almost done with first grade. Another week and I will be a mommy of 1st grade graduates. Time seriously does fly.

The reason I am back is because we are moving .. Moving out of the house we called home for 8 years into a new one. We have made such beautiful memories in this house we currently live in, it will be super hard to say Good Bye to it !(Yes ! I love my home like it was a living thing :) ) We moved in this house back in 2007 when it was just D and me. I still remember, during our housewarming, someone asked us what are we going to do with this “huge” space ! It is funny now because the house seems to have shrunk. Well with 2 boys and our parents coming and staying with us for 6-7 months each .. a 2 bedroom townhouse is not really “huge” any more. This was the house where we became a family. The boys were born .. they learnt to sit, crawl, walk … everything inside these walls. This house will always be a big part of our memory.

It is crazy these days .. trying pack everything .. trying to get the new house painted and cleaned .. all while we meet all our deadlines at work and the boys finish their homework and attend all their activities .. But I do plan to keep writing about the whole move .. I do hope that this time I am more regular here :)


I listened to my inner voice and we went back to the pre-K program in the day care. I had my apprehensions mainly because of all the negative experience that we have we have had in the last many months. The boys were confused about going back there .. so I did some explaining on how they would be here for summer till kindergarten starts in fall. I spent my day nervously hoping and praying that the boys get settled back. Pick up was beautiful. I went back to see the boys happily playing with their class mates. This was a huge relief for me. The teacher said that junior tried teaching some sight words to the class during free play. I felt like doing a small dance right there!! 

I am glad I took the decision of pulling them out. Like a friend put it for me today over chat, we do should not quit challenges, but we should quit negative influences and bad company. The best part is that kids bounce back faster and get used to change faster than adults. I am hoping that  the coming days and weeks will only get better. 

Here is to hope ! 


A part of me thinks I am taking a hasty decision, and there is this very loud voice screaming from inside asking me to pull the boys out of the school before any more damage is done. I really do not know what would be the right path to take. These are the times I wish that there was a parenting manual. I teach my kids to finish what they start, by pulling them out of this school .. Am I teaching them to quit ? Am I giving in to a bully ? 

The teacher is more and more negative with every passing day. And now it is touching the point where she is getting to a point of being insulting. The voice inside me is getting louder and louder. I do not want my happy kids to change .. it is not really worth it any more. Whatever damage has been done, I believe we will be able to undo it with time. 

I want my boys to come out with their head held high .. and my sanity intact. The voice inside me is telling me its too late and I should have made this move earlier .. I think .. I really think I am going to listen to it now and just take the leap of faith. 

Good Luck to me and my boys !!!