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A part of me thinks I am taking a hasty decision, and there is this very loud voice screaming from inside asking me to pull the boys out of the school before any more damage is done. I really do not know what would be the right path to take. These are the times I wish that there was a parenting manual. I teach my kids to finish what they start, by pulling them out of this school .. Am I teaching them to quit ? Am I giving in to a bully ? 

The teacher is more and more negative with every passing day. And now it is touching the point where she is getting to a point of being insulting. The voice inside me is getting louder and louder. I do not want my happy kids to change .. it is not really worth it any more. Whatever damage has been done, I believe we will be able to undo it with time. 

I want my boys to come out with their head held high .. and my sanity intact. The voice inside me is telling me its too late and I should have made this move earlier .. I think .. I really think I am going to listen to it now and just take the leap of faith. 

Good Luck to me and my boys !!! 


Happy Father’s Day

To the father…

..who has spent each and every moment in the last 4 years just making sure that his boys are happy, healthy and safe.

..who made sure that he is home on time to take them to the park.

..who made sure that he has time enough to tell them their bed time story and put them to bed.

..who stayed awake at nights to make sure that the fever, does not come back.

..who just rode on faith to make sure that his boys become stronger each day.

..who gave up watching his favorite shows, to make time to play with them or teach them to write.

..who did not hesitate a moment, to quit his job when his children needed him around.

 Happy Father’s Day D.


Junior comes and hugs me, “I love you Mommy”. My heart melts and I hug him tight . Looking into his eyes, I ask him, how much do you love Mommy? He enthusiastically spreads his arms, and this time he adds, “I love you Mommy because …”, I encourage him to complete his sentence, Yes sweetheart you love Mommy because ? My little boy runs away adding .. “Because you shoo the bugs away”!!!