Monthly Archives: December 2012

Safety ?

A couple of hours back the news came in that a gunman (or may be there were multiple gunmen .. who knows !!) entered an Elementary School building in CT. and killed small children. Children in the age group of 5 to 10. These kind of news stuns me and makes me run and hug my kids extra tight. What kind of moron walks into a school building armed with fire arms and starts shooting at little children. And why ? What do people get out of these mindless violence ? These were little kids for crying out loud.

No one and nothing can make it up to the parents who lost their little kids, who they had sent to school to get education. Are we safe anywhere ? For the next few days media will keep on talking about it and there will be prayers and mourners. People will get together and talk about this, and then slowly everyone will get busy with their lives. Some will even forget. But the families of the children and adults who died today will have to live with this pain forever.

Why? I just do not understand why ?  Why would anyone want to open fire on little children .. or for that matter why would any one want to kill another human being ?



Sometimes even if its for a day you en up being someone you never wanted to be. Then you just hope it’s a temporary phase and wish it will go away.
Sometimes that day gets you back to blogging and may be its a good thing after all 🙂