Moving Insanity

Finally moved to the new house. Last few weeks has been beyond crazy !! Emotionally, physically .. I am drained .. Exhausted. But the million and one things that needs to be done in the house keeps me moving.

One thing I have realized with this move, is that I enjoy small stuff like picking up colors for the rooms .. Shopping the little stuff (AND the big stuff) that the house needs .. But somehow it looks like a bottomless pit right now and a never ending task. Couple of weeks back, I had an insane moment, and decided that I will paint most part of the house. While the thought was in my head, I swear it did not sound crazy at all. All I had to do was go pick up some nice colors, buy paint supplies and paint. What I did not consider is the fact that I have two boys who are home for their summer break !! I also forgot that fact that I have a very demanding travelling job !!

But even though it has been a very weird decision, I do seem to enjoy my painting moments. The beginning was crazy because I have never painted walls before. I had no idea what I was getting into. Watching youtube videos is one thing, it is completely different when you pick up that heavy roller, dip it into that paint, which threatens to spill every where !! Making that “W” that they speak about in the videos seem too simple when you watch someone else do it. My roller made every alphabet but the W !! Heck, there was a moment when the roller flew right out of my hand and landed on a window pane. I still have to figure out how I clean the mess I have made in the beginning, but thankfully I got used to the heavy rollers and managed to somehow come close to a “W”. I have learnt too many painting lessons in the last few days, but I will save those for another post.


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