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A decade

I am a bad blogger. Last many weeks I have been thinking of blogging but have been quite lazy about writing. I have been using my time when the boys nap to catch up on my own sleep :). Something I badly needed. But I wanted to have my New Year post before it was too late to post one.

New Years Eve was fun especially since Bumbum was up and running. We had an impromptu party at our home with some fellow parents.  A bunch of friends with little kids who could not go clubbing, planned to get together at our place and spend the evening together. I must say it was really fun. My boys were up almost till midnight. It was funny how Junior fell asleep 5 minutes short of mid night and Bumbum slept exactly at mid night.  At midnight I felt so complete and secure as all my boys hugged me and held on to me.

All over the media everyone was talking about the last decade. It set me thinking about my last 10 years. It has been quite a decade for me. This was my 10th NYE with D. We brought in the millennium together at Pune.  It has been quite a journey with him.

10 years (and a few months) back I took a decision to try and make it on my own. I wanted to start living alone, try and pay my own bills and face my own decisions. My parents obviously did not approve in the beginning. They wanted me to go home after I finished my Engineering, but finally they gave up. After the last day of college, everyone took the train home while D and I took the bus to Pune. We wanted to build our own lives in our own terms.  The journey has not been easy. Living alone sounded easy at first, but it had its own challenges. Getting a job, something decent enough to pay for a decent place, was just the tip of the iceberg.  But slowly in a couple of months I started paying my own bills and I am still proud of myself for being able to do that. It was not a big deal, everyone does that eventually. But I was one spoilt brat growing up. I was the only child of my parents and for me it meant a lot to be able to get out of that mould and be able to create my own corner in this world. I am not a big shot by a far cry, but whatever I am today I can proudly say that I have created my own path. I never followed rules, I never went by the book, I just did what I thought was right and faced the consequences. I made terrible mistakes. There are a lot of things I did that I am not so proud about, but at that point either I thought that it was the best route to take or I had no other option. But even the worst decisions were my own. There were days where I ended up homeless because of some crazy land lady and I absolutely had nowhere to go but to D-s. I ran to him everytime things went wrong. Thank God I had him as my support system in my worst days. That is what makes him my best friend I guess. I don’t know if I have been as much supportive to him as he has been to me. But I know in the last decade I could not have survived a single moment if he was not standing behind me, trusting me in all my craziness. Even when I took disastrous decisions, he stood by me like a pillar. All I had to do was to pack my bags and ring his door bell. A few years back I actually took a flight, crossed the oceans, and was standing at his door step because I did not want to go anywhere else. And as usual he just took me in and all was well 🙂

The last decade has not been easy but we were in this together, and we can now look back and laugh about it all. Now I have my 2 boys, and I hope the coming decades are easier on us. I hope we make less mistakes, I hope we have double the fun; I hope the love lives in our hearts.