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Two and Half Years Post-Op

This is where we are today. Head looks good. He had a bad fall last week and I almost froze when the school called me to inform about it. I drove at breakneck speed to reach his school. D dropped everything at work and reached home in record time. Only to be greeted by a giggly BB. He had a big bump on his head, but it did not seem to bother him. After applying some ice, the bump started going down. We started breathing again.


Sudden joy

Today BB’s teacher told me that he is a very talkative boy in the class, and he was not paying much attention to learning to write. Well he is four, I do not expect him to pay any attention in class. He will learn to write eventually. He is talking … that’s all that matters for now 🙂

Happy Father’s Day

To the father…

..who has spent each and every moment in the last 4 years just making sure that his boys are happy, healthy and safe.

..who made sure that he is home on time to take them to the park.

..who made sure that he has time enough to tell them their bed time story and put them to bed.

..who stayed awake at nights to make sure that the fever, does not come back.

..who just rode on faith to make sure that his boys become stronger each day.

..who gave up watching his favorite shows, to make time to play with them or teach them to write.

..who did not hesitate a moment, to quit his job when his children needed him around.

 Happy Father’s Day D.


Yesterday afternoon, I walked into the family room to see my book shelf smeared with small hand prints. The boys were playing with chalk and decided to leave their hand prints on each and every corner of the room. My first impulse was to clean the bookshelf. But it really looked beautiful to me, small white hand prints on my black book shelf. I wanted to save this for ever. So this is what I did 🙂 ..Clicked it and saved it. I want a nice frame for this now 🙂


Junior comes and hugs me, “I love you Mommy”. My heart melts and I hug him tight . Looking into his eyes, I ask him, how much do you love Mommy? He enthusiastically spreads his arms, and this time he adds, “I love you Mommy because …”, I encourage him to complete his sentence, Yes sweetheart you love Mommy because ? My little boy runs away adding .. “Because you shoo the bugs away”!!!