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If tomorrow comes

I guess we all will find out about how genuine the craziness about the rupture is in a couple of hours. In any case, NICU reunion is on Sunday and I am looking forward to meet all the nurses and the people who shared the beginning of this journey with us.


Coming Back

I thought it would be a couple months of break from the blog, but nothing goes as planned and it has been almost a year. Oh well!! We all know how time flies 🙂

I had to stop writing because of several reasons, sick kids, way too much stress and well some laziness too. I stopped at a point when we found out that both my boys had some delays in communication. Junior had feeding issues when he was 2 and did not know how to chew. I decided to take time off from everything else and just be with the boys.

But in the process I missed writing about so many milestones that came and went. I know I will regret that part, but at that point I guess the best thing I could do was being where I was needed the most.

So, in the last one year the boys started daycare. It was our first step to try and help them catch up with their communication skills. And for most parts I guess it worked. We still are struggling to find that perfect day care solution but that is a different story in itself.

Lot of things changed in the last one year. Slowly our parents went back to India, back to their lives, and we became more independent as parents. For me it was fun and challenging to handle both of them together. Trying to put them down for a nap together, trying to feed them together, and giving a bath. For me everything was a learning experience. I did not have my mom to fall back on, and it was at this point it hit me that how much work my mom did with the boys. At that point I had no one to come and quietly ask me if I had lunch or if I needed a glass of water. But it was fun. The 3 of us slowly learnt our ways. Sometimes I miss those days. Those lazy afternoons when the boys will fall asleep around me, and I had to quietly sneak around them to quickly grab a bite and surf the net .  I miss those small struggles of getting both of them ready and going for grocery shopping, trying to stop one from running around a busy parking lot while putting the other into the car seat.  We have survived some crazy days. Slowly the boys got used to the concept of the day care and from part time we slowly went to a full time schedule and I thought it was time to get back to work. Deciding to start working again was a very difficult one. I was not sure if the boys could handle this change. But fortunately, I was hired back by my old employer, and I can now work from home most of the time. The boys are used to the fact that mamma is working and needs sometime to sit at her desk and stare at the computer. They even ape me sitting in front of my computer, sternly looking at the screen and randomly moving the mouse 🙂

2010 has been an important year for me in more ways than one. It showed me a different side and shade of life. I would like to believe that I am a better person now, and I hope that I have learnt to be happy with what I have. There are a lot of missing pieces in our life right now, the boys have just started making words (they are 3 now). They are a little delayed as per the standards of the world. But I guess to me they are the most perfect kids in this universe. Those small missing pieces make my life more interesting. They call me Mamma, they miss me when I am not around, they giggle and jump around me, they cuddle me and fall asleep at night. I think my life is complete even with those missing pieces. We will slowly get things to fall in place or find a way to make the best of life the way it comes. And this time I wish and hope I am more regular in writing down all the milestones, smiles and struggles that come our way. I need to store these memories.