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I listened to my inner voice and we went back to the pre-K program in the day care. I had my apprehensions mainly because of all the negative experience that we have we have had in the last many months. The boys were confused about going back there .. so I did some explaining on how they would be here for summer till kindergarten starts in fall. I spent my day nervously hoping and praying that the boys get settled back. Pick up was beautiful. I went back to see the boys happily playing with their class mates. This was a huge relief for me. The teacher said that junior tried teaching some sight words to the class during free play. I felt like doing a small dance right there!! 

I am glad I took the decision of pulling them out. Like a friend put it for me today over chat, we do should not quit challenges, but we should quit negative influences and bad company. The best part is that kids bounce back faster and get used to change faster than adults. I am hoping that  the coming days and weeks will only get better. 

Here is to hope ! 


13 Month Birthday

13 months back, on this very day, amidst a lot of chaos and confusion, I became a mother. Mother! It’s such a simple word but it is such a complex feeling. I have never felt this much love and responsibility.

13 months back I was scared when I looked into the two tiny boys in the incubator. It was scary to see them both tied up to so many machines and wires. I did not understand what the nurses were talking about. I was too scared to touch my own boys. Motherhood was a strange feeling at that point. I was so worried about the tiny little fragile bodies lying in the warmer in the NICU. I could not see my boys well because diabetes had taken its toll on my eye sight. It was only the next day when D got me reading glasses I could figure out how my boys looked like. I had touched them very softly.

Today I am a more confident mom. We all have come a long way in the last 13 months. My Boys turn 13 months today (Oh well, they are actually 10 months corrected) and I can not thank God enough for keeping them safe. Here is what I saw 13 months back when I was wheeled down to the NICU to meet my boys for the first time.






A very quick post

The last week or so has been crazy. D’s project is going live this weekend so he has been busy with work. He had to go to office a couple of days.

Bumbum in the mean time learnt to  hold onto things and pull himself up. Junior does that too but with some assistance from us. I was on the phone with a friend when I turned and saw Bumbum holding on to the railing of the crib and standing. I gave a shout of joy and he realised he has done something great. But ever since then I havent had a moment of rest. He tried to stand holding everything and anything. Even his huge teddy. So we have to be on our toes all the time.

Junior is almost there. He usually lags behind Bumbum by a couple of weeks. But thats fine darling. You are my fighter. And Fighter hamesha jeet-ta hai ..