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Cough Croup and Mother’s Day

It has been crazy last few days with the boys down with cold. Couple of days back we needed to take Bumbum to the ER in the middle of the night.  It was scary to hear him cough the way he was. We took him to the same hospital where he was born and stayed in the NICU. The doctors were as prompt as ever and they diagnosed him to be suffering from croup. They gave him a shot of some steroid and comforted us that he should be breathing well in the next  couple of hours.

Bumbum recovered well and I could heave a sigh of relief. My heart was in my mouth as I sat in that bed holding  him tight waiting for him to start breathing well. The stroid kicked in and he started breathing normally slowly. We came back home around 4 am.  But the stroid was only for the croup so that he starts breathing well. It does nothing to cure the common cold. Here the doctors do not give much medication for cold and flu for babies. There are no cough syrups for babies which are available OTC. But I think the boys are dealing with it well so far. I get paranoid because they being preemies they are at higher risk for all kind of infections.

Mothers Day came in all this chaos. Last year at M-Day my boys were fighting for life at the NICU. The nurses made me a card and let me hold them for a couple of hours. This year they are home. They smile, they babble, they cry, they make a mess, they yell, they break things, they drive me crazy with their non stop yelling… And doing all that .. they make me what I am … A Mother!

 For me Motherhood did not come easy. The pregnancy was tough; I had been to the hospital in each trimester with heavy bleeding. At every point there was a scare of losing the boys. But they hang in there, and they came in early… way too early.  The boys did not come home with me after their birth. No one can explain how a mother feels to leave behind her children and come home days after giving birth.  It is an empty hollow feeling. They came home after 90 days, making me complete. We still have health issues to sort out.

But I believe in God and I believe in my boys.


Fever !!

Junior is down with fever! I don’t know where he caught the bug from but he has been running a 102 fever since morning. It’s heartbreaking to see an otherwise active baby to just want to be held and rocked.

The toughest part was when Junior wanted to be held and rocked to sleep and Bumbum wanted to climb up on my lap too. It was tough for me to leave a crying Bumbum behind and take Junior and walk away from that room.

I hope Junior gets well soon and he is back to his naughty self. My home is not the same without the racket that only Junior can make.

Pichhley Saath Dino main

My computer caught a deadly virus

Junior started cruising

I entered the wrong side of 30, but I honestly think it is a great age to be

Mom Dad reached, but only after missing their connecting flight and getting stalled at Mumbai for 24 hours

We made several trip to the park with the boys and the boys loved the whole experience


Apart from other uneventful things this can sum up the last seven days pretty well.

I badly wanted to blog; especially the day Junior started cruising, but my computer caught  by some deadly virus which kills the anti virus the moment we get it started. Till we figure out how to remove the virus I will not be able to post the amazing pictures we clicked at the park. At least I can blog now using D’s laptop.

My birthday was a very hectic one. D has been working several nights in a row now and he was neck deep in work. Mom and dad were so jet lagged that they got their days mixed up. They thought my birthday was next day!! So they did not wish me at midnight like every year. But once the works got done and the days got sorted out, we all got together and had an amazing birthday dinner. Bumbum tasted my birthday cake and loved the cream. The boys gave me a very cute card J Last year on my birthday the boys were lying in the hospital, and we were there at midnight. Melissa the nurse was sweet enough to let me hold Junior for a good 10 minutes. I don’t think I can ever forget those 10 minutes. I have had many birthday gifts but nothing can beat those few moments she gave me to be with my new born baby.