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Happy Father’s Day

To the father…

..who has spent each and every moment in the last 4 years just making sure that his boys are happy, healthy and safe.

..who made sure that he is home on time to take them to the park.

..who made sure that he has time enough to tell them their bed time story and put them to bed.

..who stayed awake at nights to make sure that the fever, does not come back.

..who just rode on faith to make sure that his boys become stronger each day.

..who gave up watching his favorite shows, to make time to play with them or teach them to write.

..who did not hesitate a moment, to quit his job when his children needed him around.

 Happy Father’s Day D.



Yesterday afternoon, I walked into the family room to see my book shelf smeared with small hand prints. The boys were playing with chalk and decided to leave their hand prints on each and every corner of the room. My first impulse was to clean the bookshelf. But it really looked beautiful to me, small white hand prints on my black book shelf. I wanted to save this for ever. So this is what I did 🙂 ..Clicked it and saved it. I want a nice frame for this now 🙂

How do you manage?

One of the many questions that I inevitably face almost every other day from fellow parents is “How do you manage twins? It must be so stressful. ” Usually, I mumble some random answer or just laugh it away. To be very honest, I have never found twin parenting to be very difficult.  I had either my mother or my MIL to help me out during the first two years of motherhood. By the time they left, the boys were already on a fixed schedule. They ate together, they napped together everything was in a set pattern. I co slept with them, so I was never sleep deprived.  I did not get back to work till they were 3, so I had all the time in the world. We went shopping together, we went to the park, we read books and then when I had to cook or clean or just laze around with my computer, they played around me with each other. And of course there was D! I never had to do anything alone when he was home or was working from home. We had our share of stress with the surgeries, the delays, the never ending throw ups. But then I guess we ended up having more fun.

In my mind, it’s easier to manage twins. I had t do everything once.  My boys gave up the bottle together, they learnt to eat by themselves together, and they got potty trained together. All I had to make sure was that they do not hurt themselves or each other.  When I read a book to them, I did not have to read the same story twice to each of them. Plus they had each other whenever they got bored of me. Parenting in itself can be very difficult at times, but I do not think that parenting twins is something extremely different than having two kids of different age. In fact, I found it easier because they are on the exact same schedule.

Another thing is that, I do not find being a parent to be extremely difficult. The fact is, even after I got back to work, with my office-work and the kids, I do get a lot done now than before I was a mother. Before I had my boys, my social life was restricted to the weekend. Now I meet other parents at the park every evening. Some of whom have become my close friends. We girls take our time off from kids to watch movies, go out for an occasional drink, text each other throughout the day, and in general just be giggly girls at times. Our husbands play cricket together. In the park, I have found someone who is now an extremely close friend of mine.  And the weekday fun is not just limited to the park. D and I often go to other random places with the kids during the week. It is now easier to eat out with the kids, so we take them out to restaurants or just for an ice-cream.  Our favorite place is a lake very close to where we live. We take the boys there and just watch them run around and throw pebbles in the water. It is not that I do not stress or complain. There are the melt downs and the naggings and all the other things that a 4 year old boy can do.  A simple trip to the grocery store needs a ton of planning!! But then they will be 4 only once. And I am learning too. Each day I promise to be more patient with them, only to forget it the very next morning 🙂 but to be very honest, it’s really really fun. Even with all the tantrums, meltdowns, whining and crying! I will not trade this for anything. It IS double trouble, and double the fun.