Coming Back

I am a bad blogger ! Plus life takes over sometimes, with two boys, a full time job and home .. I usually need my days to be 36 hrs long (don’t we all). But then there are some moments that you want to preserve real bad, that you go find your lost password to your blog and start typing again. Last 2 years were busy busy .. The boys started kindergarten .. which was a huge milestone for all of us. There was a LOT of new things that we needed to get used to. Time flies and now they are almost done with first grade. Another week and I will be a mommy of 1st grade graduates. Time seriously does fly.

The reason I am back is because we are moving .. Moving out of the house we called home for 8 years into a new one. We have made such beautiful memories in this house we currently live in, it will be super hard to say Good Bye to it !(Yes ! I love my home like it was a living thing 🙂 ) We moved in this house back in 2007 when it was just D and me. I still remember, during our housewarming, someone asked us what are we going to do with this “huge” space ! It is funny now because the house seems to have shrunk. Well with 2 boys and our parents coming and staying with us for 6-7 months each .. a 2 bedroom townhouse is not really “huge” any more. This was the house where we became a family. The boys were born .. they learnt to sit, crawl, walk … everything inside these walls. This house will always be a big part of our memory.

It is crazy these days .. trying pack everything .. trying to get the new house painted and cleaned .. all while we meet all our deadlines at work and the boys finish their homework and attend all their activities .. But I do plan to keep writing about the whole move .. I do hope that this time I am more regular here 🙂


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