Monthly Archives: December 2011

Car Crash

Accidents, even the smallest and simplest of them can be scary. Today I was involved in one. It was not simple and it was somehow I think my fault in judgment. Right now, I am drawing a blank on what exactly happened, but before I knew I was hitting the tail light of the car in front of me. The kids were in the car. I am still shaking from the whole experience. Thankful that everyone is safe and it was nothing serious. I do get effected with these things, so even though I have smiled through most part of my evening, went through the daily routine, I just cant get the sound of the cars hitting each other out of my head. BB got so scared in his car seat, he started crying. I can’t get his words out of my head. He kept on saying “Mamma I am scared” !! Poor baby!! Junior was fussing for a pizza moments before this happened, just forgot all about the pizza and was suddenly very quiet. I do not remember how it happened, but I can’t forget what the boys were doing the moment it happened.

Thankful that we are home and safe, but still shaky !!


Two Years Post-Op

When I wrote the above post, I thought I will never heal. I could never look beyond the pain that both my baby and me were in at that point. But time, as they say is the  biggest healer. Today it has been two years since we got him home, and he is quite a handful today. If I do not tell anyone, no one will know that he had such a major surgery. I am thankful for that. Like I was said, it is a major surgery with extremely minor side effects. Yes, I was scared and I did not know. But kids heal and the best part is that they do not remember. It is another story that I will never forget that moment when he went in for surgery.