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13 Month Birthday

13 months back, on this very day, amidst a lot of chaos and confusion, I became a mother. Mother! It’s such a simple word but it is such a complex feeling. I have never felt this much love and responsibility.

13 months back I was scared when I looked into the two tiny boys in the incubator. It was scary to see them both tied up to so many machines and wires. I did not understand what the nurses were talking about. I was too scared to touch my own boys. Motherhood was a strange feeling at that point. I was so worried about the tiny little fragile bodies lying in the warmer in the NICU. I could not see my boys well because diabetes had taken its toll on my eye sight. It was only the next day when D got me reading glasses I could figure out how my boys looked like. I had touched them very softly.

Today I am a more confident mom. We all have come a long way in the last 13 months. My Boys turn 13 months today (Oh well, they are actually 10 months corrected) and I can not thank God enough for keeping them safe. Here is what I saw 13 months back when I was wheeled down to the NICU to meet my boys for the first time.