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Boys will be Boys

This weekend was not as hectic as the others. We lazed most of the time and met some friends over Easter dinner. Rest of the weekend I just vegetated on my couch watching my three boys play.



A very quick post

The last week or so has been crazy. D’s project is going live this weekend so he has been busy with work. He had to go to office a couple of days.

Bumbum in the mean time learnt to  hold onto things and pull himself up. Junior does that too but with some assistance from us. I was on the phone with a friend when I turned and saw Bumbum holding on to the railing of the crib and standing. I gave a shout of joy and he realised he has done something great. But ever since then I havent had a moment of rest. He tried to stand holding everything and anything. Even his huge teddy. So we have to be on our toes all the time.

Junior is almost there. He usually lags behind Bumbum by a couple of weeks. But thats fine darling. You are my fighter. And Fighter hamesha jeet-ta hai ..

Weekend Story

 Bumbum and Junior had an amazing weekend.

They were busy

Kicking butts


Wrestling each other



Having a Dad and Dude moment before falling asleep together ..





While I was busy learning how to make good samosas and the end product was not so bad ..


They also had their very first power outage which lasted for about 15 minutes. Junior was fine but Bumbum I think was a little scared. We lit some candles and the boys got so confused. They kept staring at them ..