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  1. Hey lovely mother! check out my blogs on how to work with your child….is it just the one teacher or do you think it is the school? If it is the school culture – get out! Care about you! Keep blogging.

  2. Oh – and I couldn’t leave the above comment on your latest blog – couldn’t find where to….so left it on this blog but it IS meant for the problems you are having with the school and that teacher. Yes. Three points I’d like to make.She should be a HELPFUL professional and give you ideas about what you can do to help your children. She should be looking at their strengths as well as what skills they need to develop. If your children are hating school – listen to them and find out exactly why. That will be very enlightening, and help you make up your mind what you need to do next.

  3. Thanks Anne. I am pulling them out after they complete the pre-K program. I had several discussions with the teachers but they could not tell me one strength that my boys have. That was a huge red flag for me. 2 boys full of life and not one strength. My 4 year old at that point of time could make his own jokes .. silly 4 year old jokes .. but yes that showed me that he has an awesome sense of humor. Every one has strength, one just needs to look into them and try to pull out the positives.
    Anyways, I have worked really hard with my boys and for me it was an awesome experience and it has taught me so much. Thanks for the suggestion, I did find some great tips on your blog. Thanks for reaching out 🙂 Keep visiting us 🙂

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