Car Crash

Accidents, even the smallest and simplest of them can be scary. Today I was involved in one. It was not simple and it was somehow I think my fault in judgment. Right now, I am drawing a blank on what exactly happened, but before I knew I was hitting the tail light of the car in front of me. The kids were in the car. I am still shaking from the whole experience. Thankful that everyone is safe and it was nothing serious. I do get effected with these things, so even though I have smiled through most part of my evening, went through the daily routine, I just cant get the sound of the cars hitting each other out of my head. BB got so scared in his car seat, he started crying. I can’t get his words out of my head. He kept on saying “Mamma I am scared” !! Poor baby!! Junior was fussing for a pizza moments before this happened, just forgot all about the pizza and was suddenly very quiet. I do not remember how it happened, but I can’t forget what the boys were doing the moment it happened.

Thankful that we are home and safe, but still shaky !!


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    • Thanks Dipali, means a lot. I havent been able to start driving yet. But I know it’s just a phase and I have to get back to a regular routine soon.

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