Monday Blues

My family goes into a huge denial on Monday mornings. First we love to think that we can sleep it away. When that doesn’t work, we try various
strategies. Last many years I have drafted many emails in my head requesting a day of absence from my boss for many obnoxious reasons. The fact that I still have my job is because I never really sent those across. Most Monday mornings, D just sits and stares really hard at the computer, and I think he imagines that the staring might just burn the machine and he can use that as an excuse. Anyways, this post is not about our failed attempt at wishing Monday away, but about BB and his words of wisdom(S). He wakes up today morning, comes to me with the cutest possible face and simply hugs me to say the following….

“Mamma, today only Junior goes to school and BB stays with Mamma” .,.. He topped it off with a huge kiss and a very tight hug.


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