Tu hai toh … I’ll be alright …

The last month has been crazy at work. We did the UAT (User
Acceptance Test) till yesterday. It was an extremely tiring month with loads of
work, the guilt of not being able to be with the boys killed me more. There
were days I could not spend anything more than an hour in the whole day with
them. We co sleep, so at the end of the day it was an awesome feeling to cuddle
together and doze off. I could not have survived the last month without that
one man in my life, who always stands  up
in situations like this and makes everything seem like a cake walk. I do not
know how, but he has this uncanny ability to make things seem so simple. I
stress and vent … he sings and cooks!! I can stress at the smallest of things,
and make a big deal out of basically nothing. He would just play a nice song or
hum away some ghazal, plan to make mutton for dinner and move on. I secretly
wish to be him. Yes, he can’t buy flowers, and still gets confused about gifts,
he often has to be reminded about the anniversaries,  he can sleep through most romantic movies … He
can never plan a surprise party without me finding out … But when it comes to
being there for us, he was never absent.

So yeah, back to the crazy month, there were times when the kids fell
sick and had to stay home, D stayed home with them, keeping them happy and
entertained. I have no clue how or when the food got cooked, the clothes
magically got washed and they boys never even missed a single snack, or meal. I
hope the boys realize that they have the best dad in the whole wide world. A
dad who never pauses for a second if he has to play the mommy role… I hope
they grow up to appreciate this… If D is here … we will be all right 🙂

I know I do not tell this to him enough, but I just cannot imagine
a second of life without him in it .. Me or the boys just cannot function
without him … He does not come to my blog very often, may be when he does hewill smile when he reads this post …  This is for you 🙂


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