On The Road Again

So we took the road again. The last road trip was for New Years Eve and it was awesome. On the July 4th weekend time we took a shorter trip (9 hours on the road) from New Jersey to Pittsburg. The road was scenic and the boys had a blast. We left at night around mid-night and the boys were fast asleep. The first stop was at the break of dawn, the joy and surprise on the boys face was incredible.
They loved waking up at a new place surrounded by hills and chirping birds, running around in the open parking space. I loved the sight and just soaked myself up in the moment, putting my feet up and enjoying my morning cup of coffee. It was such a beautiful morning. We took the road again after the brief stop and the four of us simply loved the drive. The boys kept giggling with
each other, pointing at every passing car truck or any random vehicle. The tunnels gave them the extra thrills.

Pittsburg was fun. BB as usual had a tough time at start. He always takes some time to settle down at a new place. Junior took onto the place like fish in water. We had gone to meet an old friend of mine and fellow partner in crime :).  D and I loved her apartment. It was such a cute little space. I wish I had taken some pictures of that house. Too bad she won’t be living there for long. My
boys call her Maashi. It was not long before BB opened up and started jumping around. The 3 day stay was extremely relaxing for all of us. Rejuvenation of sorts! We roamed around during the day and lounged at home at night over some
great (and not so great) food and loads of yapping. With the kind of crazy lifestyle we all have, I think these kind of breaks just recharges the mind and soul when there are no plans to be followed, no deadlines to be met, no place
to reach .. Just be with friends and live in the moment. People deal with stress in many ways .. some meditate .. some do yoga .. Me ? I meet friends and yap away to glory. Works wonders !!

This friend of mine will be going back to India, back to her home, hubby and life and will be so badly missed. But such is life, nothing is forever. But then there is the internet, phone and facebook ! And the roads … I am sure we will cross paths
again and have a blast as usual 🙂

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  1. And this friend enjoyed having you all at her place that she sank into a wild depression when you guys left!! The place was sooo quiet she decided to pack up and leave go home to where her heart resides.

    Thank you and ur better half for making me realize what’s important in life.


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