If there is anything that I hate about being a working mom, is the rush. I hate to put my boys through such a tight daily schedule. But I do not think at this stage of life there is anything that I can do to change this. They are barely 3 and spend about 6 hours in the daycare. I have tried every possible way, hired a nanny paid insane amounts so that they would stay, but so far I have failed to find an alternative care. I know it’s not just my kids who spend long hours at the daycare, but I just cannot get out of this guilt! One thing that I really do not want the kids to be used to is being away from home.


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    • Thanks Kalyan. It comes and goes. usually during the days when I have piled up work and barely spend an hour with them. But then there are weekends and the days when I am quite free 🙂 I am sure every mom goes through this at some point ..

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