Love and Terror

I actually was planning on writing about V day, love and all that jazz. But then when I woke up today morning, planning on ways to celebrate the day, I turned the TV on and heard about the blast that rocked Koregaon Park in Pune. Even though we have gotten so used to the blasts and to the violence, this piece of news really shook me up to the chore. 

Pune has been a city extremely close to my heart. When I had nowhere else to go, when the whole world marked me as a failure, this city accepted me with open arms and loved me for what I am. I rented my first apartment in this city and learnt to live on my own. This city has given me more than I could have ever asked for. This city is the one I love most and when there was a blast ripping it apart, my heart bled. I was angry and fuming mainly because this city never had anything to do with any controversy. It was an extremely innocent city with lazy afternoons and loving hearts. With incidents like this cities and people lose their faith and innocence. I don’t know if any neighbor will welcome a strange girl with as much warmth as I received, buying a FM radio for that girl because she got bored on Sunday afternoons, or sharing their morning Kanda Poha with her as if she was a part of their family. Pune has given me a lot and more and today I cry for her with her.

There is so much hatered around in the world that it scares me as a mother. My children will grow up in a world where terror has become a common word. It scares me to even think about what tomorrow will bring for the world and its children. Religion has suddenly become a power game and a reason to die and kill for. It has become a very dangerous game.

I hope for the sake of all mothers around the world, that we give peace a chance. No mother, from any religion or any color or any country should lose their child to violence and hatred. That I think will make God ( who is the mother Goddess in my religion) very happy I believe.


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