The Memory Game

Last night after I put the boys to bed I sat up staring at the sky hoping that Bumbum heals as fast as possible and we can let him run and be the wild boy that he is. 6 years I told myself, in 6 years I will forget all this. That’s when I tried to play a little memory game. I tried to think what I was doing on New Years Eve in the last 6 years.  So here is a list 🙂

Pre 1999: Most New Years Eve was either at home or at college campus.

1999: With D in Pune , the best New Years Eve till date 🙂

2000: With D, but I don’t remember what we did ..

2001: D was in USA and I think I welcomed the New Year chatting with him online

2002: Went to a friend’s  farm house in Pune with RA

2003: In Mumbai, watched the fireworks from my apartment window while having an amazing dinner by myself. Played some amazing music. I celebrated my last New Years Eve in India alone but I loved it

2004-2006 : Partied with D and his friends. 2006 Nilu joined us 🙂

2007: I was pregnant but still partied the night away

2008: Went to meet friends but came back before midnight to be with the boys. Junior was fast asleep but Bumbum and I stayed up to watch the ball drop 🙂

Edited to add: 2000: D reminded me that we spent that New Year’s Eve with another friend at my appartment, he made amazing dinner and we all watched TV.


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