Day 4 Post-Op

Sunday, Dec 6 2009

And this is the BESTEST DAY 🙂 We are all going home. Bumbum has made tremendous progress from last night. He ate a little better today. His eyes are much better looking. He was cheerful and he played his favourite peek-a-boo too. The doctors were happy with his progress. We all agreed that he will feel better when at home. nd there is nothing much that we can do at the hospital anyways.

From now it would be a different routine for him for three months. The biggest challenge would be to keep him calrm and to keep him from taking any hard hit at the head. We have to keep him and Junior from fighting and most importantly “head butmting”. They do that a lot over toys. So we took a deep breathe and packed up. D headed towards the appartme nt to pack up while I finish up the hospital formalities.


After I wrote the above lines, Bumbum woke up cranky and I knew that he was ready to leave as well. The hospital formalities took us a good 3 hours, and it was almost evening before we could get Bumbum out of that place. I was super happy. I was just dying to see Junior’s reaction when he would meet Bumbum after 4 days. There is absolutely no words to describe what I saw. I will regret not having a video camera at that moment, for the rest of my life. Junior was excited and jumped up and down. Bumbum could not open his eyes well from all the swelling but he knew, he just knew that it was Junior standing next to him and they yelled. They yelled and they blabbered. Twins they say have their own language, may be they do. What I saw at that moment just made me forget the last couple of days. It made me smile and join them in their yelling game. We are whole again.


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  1. YEA!!! Glad lil’ man is home and you guys can get back to being normal!!! Trust me, in NO time it will seem like that surgery was ages ago!!!
    Peace, Suzy

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