5 years ..

It took us Five years and two kids to forget. Yes on this very day five years back, on a cold winter morning, D and I took the vows. This day is extremely special to us, because after facing extreme opposition from our families and surviving three years of long distance relationship, we finally got married.

But still, this year we forgot. We forgot that today was the 8th. We had been so busy with Bumbum, his surgery, and his post surgery care that we completely forgot the date. I guess priorities change with kids, especially when the family is going through a period like ours.

In the last ten years we changed roles several times, from friends, to best friends, to man and wife, to parents. D, has been great in every role, he has been a great friend, amazing husband. But I think he has been the best in this role. He is a great Dad, an amazing father. He has rocked his babies to sleep, fed them, cleaned them, and sat up at nights by their bed sides when they were sick.  

But this day is about us, as Mr. and Mrs. And finally we did sneak out to have an impromptu dinner date and rushed home as soon as we could to be with the kids. Life has changed in the last many years. From carefree teenagers we are proud parents now. But I am glad where ever life has takes us, we have each other. And that’s what matters.


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    • Well nothing elaborate. It was our veggie day, so we went to a place close to home which makes awesome Indian street food. I had Dahi puri chaat and paao bhaji, D had aloo papdi chaat and a gujrati Thali.

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