Day 3 Post-Op

Sat: Dec 05 ’09  

Today it was me who was not feeling quite well. 4 sleepless nights usually does that. I woke up with a bad head ache. Bumbum needed some pain medications last night and he kept waking up every 3 hours. Then after the medications we needed to pat him back to sleep and just stay attentive so that he would not start scratching his eyes. He has started looking better right after they took the bandage off. The stitches on his head are almost invisible and with the swelling going down it’s looking better. Dr. Staffenberg really did an awesome job. I will post some pre and post surgery pictures of Bumbum after we get home. His head is round and nice now and there is no visible scar from the surgery. And today is just the third day post-op. Three years down the lane I think it would be hard to tell that Bumbum ever had any surgery done. Since they did not shave his hair off, whatever swelling he has on the head is not really visible. But these are really not the highlight of the day. The best part of today was when the nurses took all the IV lines off him and we could hold Bumbum. He immediately relaxed. We felt so much better after we got to hold him. And then when I stepped out with a smile on my face to meet Junior I felt the first snow of the season fall on my head. It was such a beautiful day. I walked in the snow to the apartment and Junior was right there waiting to play with me. Last few days I have been writing about Bumbum because he has been struggling here, but Junior my hero has been putting up an extremely brave front too. The baby who has never liked been fed or handled by anyone else but me has been so mature about this whole thing, that honestly I am surprised. He has been calm with my mom, taking all the feeds from her well. Junior has weight gain issues, so we are over sensitive about his food. What he eats, how much he eats, duration everything. So I was worried about him when we came here. But he has been behaving very well 🙂 Slowly we are getting out of this situation and I am so proud of all the men.

D has been a super strong dad. He is a great father anyways. He has stayed up at nights with the boys, changed diapers, given bath, cooked for them and all of these on an everyday basis for the last year and a half. So I did expect him to be staying up and sitting by Bumbum’s bed side may be more than I do, which he did. That’s what makes him such a great dad.


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  1. Yes ma’am you guessed right, ri2 it is. Just wanted to say again – Bless You all…and wishing that the holiday season is full of smiles. Looking forward to the pictures. Hugs.

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