Day 2 Post-Op

Today has been better. Several things worked out as we wanted them to. The doctors and the nurse managers came and assured me about the pain management issues we had last night. They were really helpful and they understood our concerns. So now I am sure they would be no confusion about the pain medication. But on the other hand, Bumbum did not need any morphine for the last 36 hours. So I am sure he won’t need any going ahead. This is usually expected by the time the babies are on Day 2. The first 48 hours are anyways the worst. I wish he got the much needed dose last night; we could have saved him from some pain. But well, everything is in the past now and after talking to the doctors and the nurse managers today, I am sure that it was just one person who was wrong. I will not blame this incidence on the whole institution. I guess if this happens again today I am just going to page the surgeon who did Bumbum’s surgery and he will take the final call. I should have done it yesterday. He is anyways just a phone call or email away. But well, we all learn with such situations.

Best part of the day (and I missed it) was when Bumbum’s bandage came off. I usually spend post breakfast time with Junior at the apartment we rented out here. He needs his own mommy time too. So while I was playing peek-a-boo with my li’l munchkin I got this phone call from D saying that they are taking the dressing off. I was nervous to know how his head looked. D assured me that it looked awesome and he sounded so excited over the phone. It has been a long time I did not hear that excitement in his tone. I knew even on the phone how happy he was. I knew and had complete trust on Dr. Staffenberg. I had come this far just trusting that he would be the best surgeon to do this surgery for Bumbum. We had our confusions about whether or not the surgery is a necessity, but there was one thing we knew for sure, if we are having the surgery Dr. S would do it. I wish he could be a visiting doctor to NJ though.

Bumbum has slept well most of the day today. His eyes are still puffed up and he cannot open them but the swelling is going down and I think we should be able to see some significant progress tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


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