Day 1 Post-Op

Yesterday was Day 1 post op. It was tough. Tough is a small word to explain what D and I are going through here on a daily basis. The fear, the anxiety, the fact that Bumbum is lying there all swollen and puffed up unable to open his eyes, the fact that the staff is although knowledgeable is not compassionate around a family whose baby just had surgery. Sometimes compassion makes a huge difference, especially if people are going through a situation like ours.

Coming back to 24 hours post op, the good thing was that he was moved from the ICU to the regular ward. He did have a uneventful morning, he pretty much slept through it all. The medications were given on time, but he refused the bottle so he was still on the IV fluids. All the monitors came off yesterday so he slept calmly through the night.

After moving from the ICU to the regular ward, what surprised me was the fact that Bumbum an ex preemie was in a place where there are RSV and flu patients. The fact that he had a major surgery and would be more prone to catching a bug, should have been also taken into consideration. His roommate here was coughing quite badly when we came into this room. I had to stand up for Bumbum and I started asking people on the floor if there was an option of him being alone in a room or to keep him in some place where he would be less exposed to a bug, may be share a room with someone who did not have any respiratory issues but was like Bumbum a surgery patient or something similar. I got all sorts of answers which pretty much summed up to say that “We know what we are doing so please just mind your own business”. I had it enough with the corporate lingo; I was one of them till a year back so I know very well how this thing works. I knew I was just being hushed up with sugar coated words. Anyways I know for a fact that Bumbum’s ex-preemie status and the fact that he has just had a major surgery added up to the risk of him catching anything in the air and he should not be sharing room with anyone who is coughing so hard. May be the person just had allergies and would not harm Bumbum in anyway, but I had to make sure that everyone knew that he was an Ex-preemie and since it is the RSV season, that they are a little more careful.

But I guess the fact that I made it a point to talk to senior authorities and reached out to senior doctors who understood my concerns and agreed, things started moving and eventually people came and told me that they are making sure that he is not exposed to anything that might cause a risk to his health. The coughing neighbor was scheduled for discharge and we have a confirmation that no one with respiratory issues or any kind of infection will be put in this room. Thank God! One thing less to worry about.

I do not know if it was mere coincidence but Bumbum started wheezing a couple of hours after his entry to the regular ward. We all waited to see if it got worse and prayed that it would just stay just a sound. But it did not and it just became more and more audible. Thankfully the Albuterol that was administered worked and then combined with some Pedialite, it calmed the heavy breathing.

He was waking up during the night specially around the time the pain medication effect started wearing off. But after the albuterol, he pretty much needed just the pain meds. The sound could have been from the intubation during the surgery, but I think there is no way to find out for sure.

I am hoping for an uneventful day today. Just hoping he sleeps through the night, gets his pain medications on time and just heals as soon as he can so that we can just get out of here and he can be where he belongs, at home.


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  1. Hopsitals all over are the same. A friend of mine went to a big brand in Calcutta. Same frustration. I guess its just a profession for them. Problem is that that is the wrong profession to have such an attitude in.

  2. Hi, I am the friend Kalyan is referring to.
    Compared to your ordeal mine was trivial tho…My toddler had to undergo a tooth surgery…
    Completely agree with you…the hospital staff all over need a course on sensitisations as well
    Praying for speedy recovery for bumbum…

    • Hi Ipsita, thanks for dropping in a line 🙂 I know how tough it is. And no ordeal is trivial when you are going through it. I hope some people don’t put a bad name to the whole profession. I have met some amazing nurses. But it is so frustrating to meet these people who want to override doctors and make their own decisions.

  3. If you guys think your problems are trivial then my toe would need a microspcope 🙂

    I guess, as in all trades, its the people that make the difference. Not the system. I was so lucky to have Dr Punjwani to tide over my teeny weeny crisis 🙂

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