The first heart break

One set of GrandParents left for India yesterday.

Junior has been miserable because he was so attached to his NyahNyah( Grandpa). GrandPa was miserable to leave him too. It was really sad to see them both separate. Last six months they really had bonded well. With Junior making his NyahNyah dance on his little finger. And his NyahNyah doing every possible thing for his little prince.

We cribbed and complained that my FIL was making Junior stubborn, but I don’t think either Junior or his NyahNyah cared much for the rest of the world. While I am eagerly waiting for my mom and dad to arrive on Saturday, Junior is still searching for his NyahNyah everywhere.

To keep him distracted we took him out on a drive and to meet his future friend who is just a two month old cute little munchkin right now. I guess that helped a little but once he was back home he was back to his old self looking for his NyahNyah every where. I wish I could do something to make him all happy but for now I think he has to go without his NyahNyah for some time. Everyone tells me that he will forget in a few days. I hope so too for his sake.

While Junior is handling his first heartbreak, bumbum did not care much I guess. He was happy to be able to bully Junior without any NyahNyah in the middle.


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