Shubho Nobo Borsho



Our home welcomed the Bengali Year 1416 in true Bengali style with lot of food and smiles.

Last year the boys were still in the NICU and we had a very low key affair, mostly praying for the well being of the boys. The Boys are home and we had all the reason to celebrate this year. The boys got their Notun Jama (New Clothes) as per tradition, and we decided to have a lavish Bengali dinner at home. A Nobo Borsho is never complete without food. But it was easier thought than done. While planning we forgot a small detail, that we are parents to twin brats.

The day turned out to be super duper hectic, with D trying to wrap up his project and the boys deciding to throw tantrums and be super brats. We almost decided on getting Chinese take out but then around 10 pm, after we put the boys to bed we started cooking. It’s Nobo Borsho and the food had to be traditional.

The menu was simple but included most of our favorites. Machh Bhaja (modified by D to be fish kebabs), Aloo Posto, Luchi, Malai Chingri and Shreekhand ( to make way for Mishti Doi).






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