Another First ..

Bumbum and Junior went out for the very first time to visit friends. With their prematurity and the scare of infection and RSV , we never took them out anywhere all winter. Now that winter is almost over we dared to take them out to visit R and V.

To be very honest I was worried the whole time. I thought their house was too cold and I made them wear an extra layer of cloths. The moment Bumbum reached home he sneezed and I went into a frenzy. But it turned out to be a harmless little sneeze. Thank God for that.

The visit was fun. We met them after a very long time. These are people we used to spend all weekends together before March 20th happened. It was great getting back in touch to the world outside this home. Bumbum had fun, he kept crawling all over their house. Junior threw a fit since it was past his bed time and I think he was very confused. He eventually calmed down and had some fun. It was nice to see him finally doze off on R-s shoulder.  I am hoping that we all get back to our normal crazy schedule real soon. I want them to enjoy the mad weekends that we used to have. The impromptu parties.. the music .. dance .. silly jokes .. everyone talking at the same time .. I think the boys will have a blast. I cant wait for summer ..


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