First Year Checkup

We went in for the First year checkup today. The whole process apart from the evaluation involved two shots and a TB test. D and I kept the boys apart while each got the shots. This was to ensure that the crying of one doesnt scare the other. Even though we were succesfull in this but it really broke my heart to see the boys cry so much after the shots. I wish there was a less painful way for babies to get the vaccines. (Yes this is me .. saying this .. just a year back my boys were poked with needles every hour, and I could see more wires around them than thier faces. How time changes how we react to situations. ) The rest of the day went well otherwise. Dr. M is happy with the boys progress but wants Junior to gain more steadily. Bumbum is crawling now. I am planning to give him more floor space. Finally another milestone reached by Bamoo. Junior is trying. He does get up on all fours and rocks. I am sure he will be there before we know .. Keep going Buddy ..


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